DNA Diffraction & Structure

The diffraction and interference of light are easily observed phenomena that give direct, tangible evidence of the wave nature of light. Diffraction is at the root of many technologies, scientific techniques, and common visual phenomena.

Students explore diffraction phenomena by shining a laser at a hair, a variable single slit made from pencils, and wire meshes of various size. After this introduction to the general principles of diffraction of light, students will use an ICE DNA Transform slide to develop an understanding of the use of light diffraction in the discovery the structure of DNA.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Optical transform slide

  • 1 each Red and blue colored pencils

  • 1 Wooden Sample Holder

  • 1 Wooden Laser Holder

  • 1 Laser Pointer

  • 1 two pencils connected with rubber bands

  • 4 Wire mesh (2, 4, 6, 8 wires/mm)

  • 2 Projection screen stand

  • 1 Projection screen

  • 1 Empty slide holder with binder clip

  • 1 twelve-inch clear plastic ruler

  • 1 Hand held microscope

  • 1 Meter stick

Student resources:

DNA Diffraction Student Sheet

Teacher resources:

DNA Diffraction Teacher Sheet