Graphing Skills

A series of guided activities that will illustrate various mathematical relationships seen in a standard physics course of study. Students will collect data and use EXCELto create scatter graphs.

Kit Includes:

  • Vernier LabQuest

  • Vernier Magnetic Field Sensor

  • Vernier Go-Motion Detector

  • Magnet (cylindrical works best)

  • Metric ruler

  • Spring

  • Test tube clamp

  • Mass set with hookSmall ring stand (provided byteacher)

  • Meter stick (provided by teacher)

  • 50-g mass

  • 100-g mass

  • 200-g mass

  • 500-g mass

  • Protractor

  • String

  • Stop watch

  • Hook clamp

  • Large coffee filter

Student resources:

Graphing Skills Student Sheet

Teacher resources:

Graphing Skills Teacher Sheet